Sounds of Romania: waterfalls

I’m aware of the fact that waterfalls aren’t unique to Romania, and that there is nothing Romanian to the sound of them either – or is there? Like many people, I am enticed by the sight and sound of waterfalls – the sheer power they come down with, the calming effect they have on me – I could spend hours looking at them. 

So when I had a rest day in the Bucegi mountains last week, I walked up the Valea Horoabei for a bit. I had been warned to not hike all the way up the canyon all by myself so I didn’t – regrettably – it will have to wait until I have company again. But the first (safe) part of the walk along the Horoaba river was very rewarding. To my surprise, I very soon came upon the first waterfall – followed by another one. And another one. There seemed no end to them, and they became higher as I hiked further up – until I came to the more challenging part and had to stop myself from going on much further (which was hard – it looked very tempting). I think I walked less than a kilometre – but going up took me over an hour because I sat down at every waterfall for at least ten minutes.


OK, and another one:


I hope you will love them as much as I do – I think I will start listening to this if I can’t fall asleep. I find it a very comforting sound. Sweet dreams! 🙂

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